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Qatar FIFA Football World Cup 2022 Official Sponsors

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Sports are the most entertaining activities that not only please the players but the watchers as well. One of the most viewed and admired sports in the world is football. It has been played for over 200 centuries and around 250 million players are connected to it.

The good news is that we are going to witness another FIFA World Cup (22nd edition) on November 20th, 2022. A total of 32 teams have been nominated to play senior men’s national football games and they are all members of FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association).

Fact: FIFA has been amusing the world cup since 1930, and now, in 2022, 32 teams have been nominated to compete with each other for the trophy.

Below we have given the FIFA World Cup 2022 official sponsors list along with other details.

FIFA holds multiple sponsorship tiers which are further divided into FIFA partners, FIFA World Cup sponsors and regional supporters. However, the governing body is implementing a new structure with 4 tiers. By isolating the esports branch and women’s from the men’s branch, FIFA is likely to increase overall sponsorship income.

Qatar FIFA Word Cup 2022 Official Partners

Qatar FIFA Word Cup 2022 Official Partners
  1. Visa (financial services)
  2. Qatar Airways (Airline)
  3. Wanda Group (conglomerate)
  4. Coca-Cola (beverage
  5. Adidas (sportswear)
  6. Qatar Energy (oil&gas)

Who Will Sponsor The FIFA World Cup In 2022?

The 2nd tier comprises World Cup sponsors. These brands have global rights but are unable to construct a World Cup Tournament.

Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 Official Sponsors

Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 Official Sponsors
  1. Byjus’s (educational technology)
  2. Vivo (electronics)
  3. Crypto.com (cryptocurrency trading platform)
  4. McDonald’s (restaurants & real estate)
  5. Hisense (electronics & home appliances)
  6. Mengniu Dairy (dairy products)
  7. Budweiser (alcoholic beverage)

Regional Supporters

FIFA World Cup 2022 regional sponsors companies have the same global rights but are limited to more than five regions.
• Algorand (blockchain)
• The Look Company (visual engagement solutions)
• Claro (telecommunications)
• Ooredoo (telecommunications)
• QNB Group (financial services).
• GWC (supply chain solutions)
• Frito-Lay (snack food)
• Nubank (financial services)
• UPL OpenAg (agrochemical)

$4,666 Million – Estimated Budget For The 2022 World Cup

The total planned cost for the 2022 World Cup is $4,666 million. The amount has been generated from 5 main categories.
• 56% of the total income (roughly $2,640 million) is through the sale of television broadcasting rights.
• Next 29% ($1353 million) from the marketing rights.
• $673 cultivated from ticket sales, hospitality rights, and other revenue.

Who Is The Sponsor Of The Current 32 National Teams?

Nine different kit companies will sponsor 32 World Cup teams. Adidas supplies 7 nations, preceded by Nike (13 nations).
Along with a technical supplier, national federations have also tied up with other brands. FIFA encourages brands and individuals to use country-related football images and terminology that don’t include any FIFA Intellectual Property.

Prize Money At The 2022 FIFA World Cup

FIFA has secured $440 million for the champions. The tournament champions will be bestowed with $42 million.

PlacePrize Money
Winners$42 million
Runner-up$30 million
3rd place$27 million
4th place$25 million
5th – 8th place$17 million
9th – 16th place$13 million
17th – 32nd place$9 million

Apart from the $440 million prize money purse, $48 million ($1.5 million will be allotted to each participating nation). So, each contributing nation will at least make $10.5 million.

During the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, the prize money reward was $400 million. The French champions received $38 million, while runner-up Croatia earned $28 million.

5 Hosts, 8 Stadiums And 64 Matches

Eight stadiums in five cities will host 64 tournaments.
• One of the largest stadiums with a capacity of 80,000 is Lusail Iconic Stadium.
• The second largest stadium with a capacity of 60,000 is Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor.
• Following this, Doha, Al Wakrah, and Al Rayyan each have a stadium capacity of between 40,000 and 45,000.

The stadiums will be recomposed after the Qatar World Cup, with the added seats used for the 2030 Asian Games. Besides, stadium 974 will be wholly demolished after the World Cup, making it the first temporary stadium ever.

This temporary stadium is built from 974 recycled shipping containers and also Qatar’s international dialing code. The elements’ development will be lessened after the event.
In order to regulate the temperature, top-notch cooling systems have been installed in all stadiums. This was literally required due to the intense heat in Qatar, but in November and December the temperature may shoot up as well.

Attendance Figures At 2022 World Cup

The 4th highest attendance figures were being seen during the 1950 tournament in Brazil. Highest attendances with 173,850 people were reported with Marcana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro.

A prior match between Spain and Brazil at the same stadium had the presence of 152,772 people. The 5th and 6th attendance figures of 114,600 people during the final game in Mexico City in 1986.

The first highest attendance was during the 1994 FIFA Word Cup USA, where approx. 3.5 million people viewed 52 matches back-to-back.

Attendance FIFA World Cup

Year Country Final Attendance

  1. 1982 Spain 90,000
  2. 1986 Mexico 114,600
  3. 1990 Italy 73,603
  4. 1994 USA 94,193
  5. 1998 France 80,000
  6. 2002 South Korea & Japan 69,029
  7. 2006 Germany 69,000
  8. 2010 South Africa 84,490
  9. 2014 Brazil 74,738
  10. 2018 Russia 78,011

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will the FIFA World Cup last?
It will start on November 20th, 2022 and finish by December 18th, 2022.

2. Who are the sponsors of the 2022 FIFA World Cup?
Wanda Group, McDonald’s, Hyundai, Visa, Qatar Airways, Adidas, Vivo, Byju’s, Budweiser, and Hisense are the top supporters at this time.

3. How many teams will be participating in the World Cup?
There are 32 teams in the FIFA tournament.

4. Who will be the host of the FIFA World Cup 2022?
The Arab Nation (Qatar) will, for the first time, host the FIFA World Cup 2022. The national team will make its first appearance at a World Cup.

5. In which year will the next FIFA World Cup be held?
The 23rd World Cup will be hosted by three North American nations – Mexico, Canada, and the United States. The speculative starting date is June 8, 2026, and it will halt by July 3, 2026.

6. How many teams will participate in the 2026 World Cup?
A total of 48 teams will be there.

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